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    Hey y'all, I'm Todd. 👋

    I am so fired up about how you could go from stuck, anxious, and overwhelmed to incredible clarity, confidence, and fulfillment for a career you want!

    This is my story.

    I wanted more fulfillment in my work and more alignment with how I am uniquely created. But, I was stuck. I had no idea what to do or where to start.

    Then, through a master's program, I got my breakthrough. The experience was so impactful for me, that I spent years studying exactly how people get breakthrough in their life.

    Since then, I have helped hundreds of young professionals achieve more clarity and more confidence in their next step for a fulfilling career they want.

    p.s. I may have a surprise guest come by to drop some wisdom bombs that you do not want to miss!

    Todd Linder

    Todd Linder - Founder of Launch Point 🚀

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